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84inch 4:3 Manual Pull Down Projector Screen

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  •   Aspect Ratio 4:3
  •   White Screen (165cm by 124cm)
  • 【DURABLE METAL CASING】 For Dual Wall and Ceiling Installation Design perfect for home or business
  • 【CRISP VIEWING ANGLES】 Up to 160 degrees with a matte white surface diffusing light in all directions
  • 【SCREEN MATERIAL 1.1 GAIN】 With standard black backing to eliminate light penetration. Four side black borders enhance picture contrast
  • 【BUILT-IN MOUNTING】 Which can be utilized for an easy ceiling or wall mounting process
  • 【UNIVERSALLY COMPATIBLE】 With majority of LED, LCD or DLP projectors on the market
  • 【Black Backing】Prevents light from penetrating the front screen to maintain a bold picture.
  • 【Easy to USE】 Perfect for home theaters, businesses, and classrooms

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 190 × 15 × 10 cm